Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Onsie With The Imagine

This onsie was made for a challenge that was to use anything but paper. It was made using Heat Transfer paper and the Imagine. The heat transfer paper works by printing an image on it then ironing  it on to your fabric. When you select your image, remember to flip it before printing. The printed side is placed down on the fabric for ironing and if  you don't flip the image, it will be backwards on the garment. This would be ok with some images, like the one I chose, but not so good for letters! The transfer paper I used is Jet-Pro SoftStretch that I ordered  from an on line retailer. You can also find it in stores that carry printer paper. The brand I have is supposed to be used with a heat press, but my iron worked just fine for the process. The image is from the Imagine Nursery Tails cartridge.
There is one spot on one of the leaves on the bottom left that didn't transfer, but overall, it worked great. I also made a rosette with some lace and added a big pearl-like button to the center. The lace was white, but I colored it with a Copic marker, R01, pinkish vanilla. I washed and dried the lace it after I colored it to make sure the color wouldn't run. I like the feminine touch the rosette  adds to the onsie.
If you've been wanting to try this technique, I really recommend it. It was super easy; it actually took me longer to decide on a picture than it did to print and iron it on. I have some T-shirts I want to make for my oldest grandson, but I'm going to let him pick out his own design. He just loves making things in, as he calls it, my making room. Especially when it's something he gets to keep!
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Carolyn/MamaC said...

What a beautiful shirt! Such a wonderful creation from your "making room"!!

ottersln said...

How darling and I adore the little embellishment that you added too. I too have a grandson and a new grand daughter. I love being their Mimi! God is so awesome.

loving3boys1girl said...

So cute!!!


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