Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Onsie with the Yudu Mini!

Hi everyone! It's been rainy and yucky here for the past couple of days (and I'm not complaining because we really need the rain here in Central Texas) and for me that's just perfect for staying in and getting some crafting done. My best friend's daughter had her first baby, a girl, last Wednesday and I decided to make a few things for her. I've had the Yudu Mini for a couple of months and haven't really used it much, just to practice on the cards that came with it really. Anyway, after seeing Nadia's post here I decided to give it a try. If you don't know who she is, Nadia is one of the most amazing crafters ever! I don't think there's anything she can't do and isn't good at. She always shares her hard work and  gives great directions. I'm so glad I read them because I'm sure it saved me a lot of frustration.
So, I also have the large Yudu  and I have used it a few times with some success. The most worrisome part for me is burning the screen and just hoping it comes out right. I think it's because the emulsion sheets that came with the Yudu were not good, they had been exposed or something, which of course I didn't know until I used them and my screen did not burn properly. When I got some new sheets and tried them, they worked great and I've been able to do a few small projects. I've also tried the liquid emulsion and like it too. Anyway, for me, there is such a sense of relief when I rinse the screen after burning it and the image comes out exactly as it should!
The blue tape on the sides is to cover the part of the screen that doesn't have emulsion sheet on it. If you don't cover it you'll have lines of paint where the bare screen is. The small piece of blue tape is covering a spot that I scrubbed off on top of the Y.
And here's the finished product. It came out perfect! I did do a couple of trial runs on an old T-shirt and I'm glad I did. It helped me figure out how much paint to use and how much pressure to use when I pulled the paint. Also, I was originally using a darker purple but discovered I didn't like it so much for a baby, so I chose this Lavender color instead. I was trying to think of some other embellishment to add to it, but in the end decided to leave it as is. Then, we made a quick trip to Walmart last night and I found these little pants that matched perfectly.
Isn't it great when things turn out like that? Little by little I am getting over the intimidation of using these machines. I have another project I'm working on using the big Yudu that I hope to finish and share with you soon.
Thanks for stopping by!


L.B. said...

oh oh oh....Love it, you should make more and sell them on etsy!!! just so sweet and fun. I know I would by 2 of them!!!

Lady Fair said...

Your onsie is so cute! Glad you're learning the Yudu and sharing your projects with us. And, I agree, Nadia is totally amazing!


Carolyn/MamaC said...

Wow! How cute! Great project!

Sara Andrews said...

Way to go! It looks awesome.

Michelle said...

Great job Maria.

Cricutbug - Marie said...

This is so fun! Love it!

Adele said...

Great job!!! Love it :)

Nadia (With Glittering Eyes blog) said...

Maria!!! This is FABULOUS!!!! I know the mom just LOVED this! What a cute, cute sentiment, made just perfect with the color and font you picked. I am so glad you are enjoying your machines!

And, thanks for the kind and generous words on your post. That just made my day!


Audrey Frelx said...

Wow! Turned out great!!!

I've had my Yudo for as long as it's been out and still have never used it -- too intimidated by it!!! LOL!!! My screens that came with it are probably useless by now and I know the inks dried up!!! LOL!!!

Thanks for visiting and joining my family in the community, so good to have you. I'll be checking in on you too as I'm following you!!!

Hugs, my friend! I'll be seeing you!

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