Monday, February 21, 2011

Groovy Times Birthday Card

When I first saw this cartridge I knew I had to have it. I can relate to so many of the images on it! A dear friend recently celebrated a birthday, and since he is the oldest of our group (by a few months) we always tease him about being older than the rest of us. He takes it well though and it's always all in good fun. By the way, he and my husband have been friends since middle school and he and his wife and Tim and I used to double date in high school. We somehow all ended up here in Texas together and are the best of  friends.

This card was different for me. It is a tri-fold and a little bigger than I usually make. (sorry, I didn't write down the dimensions.) All the cuts are from the Cricut Groovy Times Cartridge. The printed paper is from the DCWV  Peace, Love, Happiness stack, a perfect match for the cartridge! The font on the last page is from the Lite Feeling Groovy cartridge. I made up the poem and it was generated in word. I'm just glad my friend has a sense of humor!
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Cindy said...

Very cute. I love "your old" cards. Great job on this one. Very unique. Cindy

Debbie - Olivia's Nana said...

OMG I love this!!! I said yes to each and everyone one of those!! HAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! too cute & funny

Hoo's Crafty! said...

hahahha!! this is adorable!

Ms.Mara said...

This card is awesome!!!!!!

Would love to get the dimensions for it!

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