Friday, August 17, 2012

Stick Pin Swap

Hi everyone. I recently participated in my first stick pin swap with some of the members of the Circle. There were three groups of 20 and we were to make 2 pins per group. I was only in one group, but after seeing some of the lovely pins that were created, I wished I had been in all three! Anyway, here are the pins I made.
Part of the swap was to create a holder to put the pins in. I came up with a matchbook style holder. It was pretty simple, especially compared to what some of the others did.
Here are the pins I received in the swap. The dress form pin cushion if from JoAnn's. Isn't it perfect?

They are all beautiful, unique and just fun to look at. This was a fun swap and I'm looking forward to doing more charm and bead type projects. Yup, yet another crafty thing to obsess over!
Thanks for stopping by!


Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Maria! Your pins and cover are so very pretty! You did such a great job! And the pins you recieved in the swap are just as pretty! What a fun swap!

Lady Fair said...

Beautiful stick pins - both yours and the ones you received. I would love to get started in this hobby, too. Where do you get the supplies?

Maria said...

Thanks! Most my beads and findings I bought locally from Michael's, Hobby Lobby and even Walmart. I found the stick pins at AC Moore online and Fire Mountain Gems. I liked them because they were a bit longer. There are also lots of good how to's on You Tube. Have fun!

Inspired Butterfly said...

I love it! How inspiring! I came to your blog after I read your comment on the Circle MB about craft motivation...glad I stopped motivated me to create something tonight! Keep shining!

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